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When everything becomes a mountain for us, an imposed project or a forced change becomes impossible, the first step, without any doubt, is the most difficult. Breaking inertia is the hardest, dealing with our fears, shame, imperfections. Look for motivations. Because that first step can be the key to everything, it is the first step that will take us to the top, that first movement, which can only consist of enquiring someone for a solution, a request, a phone number to ask, a first a step that will not only bring us closer to the summit, but will also give way to the next movement. Earlier than we expected, the first movement leads us to familiarize ourselves with the project and what it requires, and we are amazed in disbelief and enthusiasm, seeing that we have more options than we imagined and discovering that we are more capable than we thought, and all this, due to that bad habit we have of underestimating ourselves, of not believing in our abilities and capacities for learni